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Abrasive Products:

Shop Roll

Emery Cloth

Sanding Belts & Discs

Depressed Center Wheels

Grinding Wheels

Masonry Wheels

Metal Cutoff Blade

Dixon Products:

Ball Valves

Safety Blow Guns

Coil (Self Storing) Hose


Flow Control Valves




Needle Valves

Quick Connectors


Sanitary Fittings

Speed Control Mufflers


Universal QA Couplings

Allen (Hex) Wrenches:

Ball End (Screwdriver & L-Type)

Long & Short Arm Series

Socket Drive Type

*All in Sets or Open Stock



- Flat, Hex, Round, Square


- Flat, Hex, Round, Square


- S.F. Round, Oilite

Cast Iron

- Round

Stainless Steel

- Flat, Round, Square

Cold Rolled

- Flat, Hex, Round, Square

Angle Iron


Babbitt Putty

Genuine Babbitt


Stainless Steel Banding, Buckles, Tools

Barrel Dollies

Bearings (SealMaster)

Babbitt Bearings

Ball Bearings

Bearings Locknuts & Lockwashers

Cartridge Units

Flange Block (2, 3, & 4 Bolt)

Bearings (cont.)

Hanger Bearings


Pillow Block Bearings

Roller Bearings

Rubber mounted

Spherical Rod Ends

Stamped Steel Bearings

Take-Up Units

Belts (Gates):

Duble-V Belt

Hi-Power II (A, B, C, &D) V-Belt

Multi-Speed V-Belt


Polychain Belts

PowerBand Belt

PoweRated Belt

3V, 5V, & 8V Super HC V-Belt

Timing Belts

Transmission Belting (Lacing)

Tri-Power V-Belt

TruFlex V-Belt

Vulco-Link Belting

Cable (Custom Length):



Cam & Groove:





Chain (Morse):

Chain Tools

Double Pitch Roller Chain

Double Strand Roller Chain

Heavy Series Roller Chain

Leaf Chain

Log Chain

Quadruple Strand

Riveted Roller Chain #25-#160

Stainless Steel Roller Chain

Triple Stand Roller Chain

Connector & Offset Links


2 & 4 Bolt


Pinch Clamp

Worm Screw


Chain Couplings

Jaw Couplings

Shaft Couplings

Sure-Flex (Gear) Couplings


Hex & Round

Drill Bits (Champion):

Aircraft Extensions

Carbide Burs


Combination Drill & Countersinks

Drill Bits (cont._

CT7 Robo Brute

Drill Indexes

Drill Sets


Heavy Duty







Drill Rod

End Mills:

Single End

Double End

Center Cutting

2 & 4 Flute


Brass Cap Screws

Brass Flat Washers

Brass Machine Screws

Brass Nuts

Cap Nuts

Carriage Bolts

Castle Nuts

Cotter Pins

Dowel Pins

Elevator Bolts

Expansion Shields

External Lock Washer

Eye Bolts

Fillister Head Machine

Flat Head Socket Cap

Flat Washers

Gib Keys

Heavy Hex Nuts

Hex Cap Screws

Hex Nuts

Internal Lock Washers

Jam Nuts

Lag Bolts

Left Hand Hex Nuts

Lock Washers

Machine Screws

Metric Socket Cap

Metric Socket Set

Nylon Lock Nuts

Plow Bolts

Rod Coupling Nuts

Socket Cap Screws

Socket Set Screws

Socket Shoulder Screw

Square Head Machine

Square Nuts

Stainless Flat Washers
Stainless Hex Cap

Stainless Hex Nuts

Stainless Lock Washers

Stainless Threaded Rod

Steel Pins

Taper Pins

Threaded Rod (3’, 6’, 12’)

Fasteners (cont.):

Thumb Screws

Toggle Bolts


Wing Nuts

Woodruff Keys


File Cards & Handles




3 Squares

Knife Files


Garden Hose:

Brass Hose Nipples


Garden Hose Adaptors

Garden Hose Fittings

Adjustable Nozzles

Spray Nozzles

Gasket Material:


Gum Rubber



Red Rubber



Center Mount

Bottom Mount

Liquid Filled

Grease Fittings

Hand Cleaner


Clevis Grab

Clevis Slip

Eye Grab

Eye Slip

Cold Shuts

Connector Links

Quick Links



Air Drill Hose

Air Vent Hose

Chemical Hose

Food Grade Hose

General Purpose Hose

Hot Asphalt Hose

Petroleum Transfer Hose

Plastic Hose

Steam Hose

Vinyl Hose

Water Discharge

Water Suction

Hydraulics (Gates):

We Custom Made Hoses!








Lathe Bits

Music Wire:

Stainless Steel






Graphite, Teflon



Spray Paint

Pulleys/Sheaves (Gates):

A&B Steel Pulleys

A & B Steel Rims

A & B Two Groove

Adjustable Pulleys (1 & 2 Groove)

Multi-Duty Sheaves (1-6 Groove)

Spring Loaded Pulleys

Super HC Sheaves (2-6 Groove)




Taper Pin

Sanitary Fittings

Saw Blades:

Band Saw Blade

Band Saw Material

Hack Saw Blade

Hole Saws

Jig Saw Blades

Portable Band Saw Blades

Power Hack Saw Blades

Set Collars

Shim Stock:






Snap Rings:




Spirol Roll Pins

Spray Goods:

Belt Dressing

Cutting Oil

Dry Lubricant

Food Processing Penetrant

Food Processing Lubricant

Moisture Displacer

Motor Cleaner

Parts Cleaner

Penetrating Oil

Pin & Bushing Lubricant

Rust Guard

Spray Goods (cont.):

Silicone Lubricant


Surface Lubricant

Teflon Coating

Spring Steel




Poly Chain, HTD



Bottom Taps

Gun Taps

High Speed Taps

Metric Taps

Pipe Taps

Plug Taps

Pulley Taps

Taper Taps

Tap & Die:

Handles & Sets


Air Tools


Full Line Hand Tool

Grey Pneumatic Impact Sockets


Tool Boxes & Chests

Tool Steel

Tool Wrap


Ball, Gate, Needle


12 oz. & 18 oz. Spray

1 & 5 Gallon Cans

Wash Down Hose

Items we stock!Gates Industrial Power V-Belt Super HC Belts & Notch Belt 2/3V355 2/3V400 2/3V475 2/3V500 2/3VX375 2/3VX450 2/3VX530 2/3V560 2/3VX670 3/3V355 3VX250 (Super HC Notch Belt)3VX265 3VX300 3VX315 3VX335 3VX355 3VX375 3VX400 3VX425 3VX450 3VX1400 5V850 5V1500 5V1600 5V1700 5V1800 5V1900 5V2000   5V2240 5V2360 5V2500 8V1400 8V1600 8V1700 8V1800 8V1900 8V2000 8V2240 Super HC Belt  8V2500 8V2800 8V3150 8V3350 3VX475 3VX500 3VX530 3VX560 3VX600 3VX630 3VX670 3VX710 3VX750 3VX800 3VX850 3VX900 3VX950 Super HC 3VX1000 Super HC 3VX1060 Super HC Notched 3VX1120 Super HC 3VX1180 Super HC Notched 3VX1250 Super HC Notched 5VX450 Super HC Notched 5VX470 Super HC Notched 5VX490 Super HC Notched 5VX500 Super HC Notched 5VX530 Super HC Notched Belt 5VX540 5VX560 Super HC Notched Belt 5VX580 Super HC Notched Belt 5VX600 Super HC Notched Belt 5VX610 Super HC Notched Belt 5VX630 Super HC Notched Belt 5VX650 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX660 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX670 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX710 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX740 5VX750 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX780 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX800 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX810 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX830 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX850 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX900 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX930 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX950 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX1000 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX1030Gates Super HC Notched Belt   5VX1060Gates Super HC Notched Belt   5VX1120 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX1150 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX1180 Gates Super HC Notched Belt  5VX1230 Super HC 5VX1250 Super HC 5VX1320 Super HC 5VX1400 5VX1500 5VX1600 5VX1700  Super HC Power Band 4/3V10.60 Super HC Power Band 3VX280Super HC Power Band  3/3VX375 Super HC Power Band 3/3VX400 Super HC Power Band 3/3V425 Super HC Power Band 3/3VX450 Super HC Power Band 4/3VX450 Super HC Power Band 3/3VX475 Super HC Power Band 3/3VX530 Super HC Power Band 3/3VX560 Super HC Power Band 4/3VX560 Super HC Power Band 3/3VX630 3/3V670 Super HC Power Band 3/3VX670 Super HC Power Band 3/3V710 Super HC Power Band 2/3VX750 Super HC Power Band 3/3VX750 Super HC Power Band 3/3VX800 Super HC Power Band 3/3VX900 Super HC Power Band 2/3VX1000 Super HC Power Band 2/3V1250 Super HC Power Band 4/3VX1250 Super HC Power Band 3/5VX900 Super HC Power Band 3/5VX670 Super HC Power Band 3/5VX950 3/5VX1000 3/5VX1250 4/5VX1250 5/5VX1250 5VX680 5/3VX710 3V280 3V425 5VX550 5VX590 5VX680 5VX1080 5VX1800 3/3V475 3/3VX750 2/3VX1250 5VX2000Gates Industrial Belt Belts ( Hi-Power II V-Belt ) A24 A25 A26 A27 A28 A29 A30 A31 A32 A33 A34 A35 A36 A37 A38 A39 A40 A41 A42 A43 A44 A45 A46 A47 A48 A49 A50 A51 A52 A53 A54 A55 A56 A57 A58 A59 A60 A61 A62 A63 A64 A65 A66 A67 A68 A69 A70 A71 A72 A73 A74 A75 A76 A77 A78 A79 A80 A81 A82 A83 A84 A85 A86 A87 A88 A89 A90 A91 A92 A93 A94 A95 A96 A98 A100 A103 A105 A110 A112 A115 A120 A124 A128 A133 A136 A144 A158 B28 B29 B30 B31 B32 B33 B34 B35 B36 B37 B38 B39 B40 B41 B42 B43 B44 B45 B46 B47 B48 B49 B50 B51 B52 B53 B54 B55 B56 B57 B58 B59 B60 B61 B62 B63 B64 B65 B66 B67 B68 B69 B70 B71 B72 B73 B74 B75 B76 B77 B78 B79 B80 B81  B82 B83 B84 B85 B86 B87 B88 B89 B90 B91 B92 B93 B94 B95 B96 B97 B98 B99 B100 B101 B100K B102 B103 B104 B105 B106 B108 B110 B112 B114 B115 B116 B118 B120 B122 B124 B126 B128 B130 B133 B136 B138 B140 B142 B144 B146 B148 B150 B152 B154 B158 B162 B166 B173 B180 B188 B190 B195 B205 B210 B225 B240 B255 B270 B285 B300 C44 C46 C48 C50 C51 C53 C54 C55 C57 C60 C62 C63 C65 C67 C68 C70 C71 C72 C75 C76 C78 C80 C81 C83 C84 C85 C87 C90 C93 C95 C96 C97 C99 C100 C101 C103 C105 C106 C108 C109 C111 C112 C115 C116 C120 C122 C124 C128 C130 C136 C140 C144 C148 C150 C156 C158 C162 C170 C173 C180 C185 C190 C195 C210 C225 C240 C255 C270 C285 C300 C330 C360 C420 D120 D173 D210 Gates Industrial V-Belt  Hi-Power II, Double, AA51 AA68 AA80 AA85 AA105 "Hi-Power II, Double"BB45 BB46 BB51 BB53 BB55 BB60 BB75 BB81 BB85 BB92 BB93 BB94 BB97 BB108 BB112 BB120 BB129 BB136 BB144 BB173 BB195 BB210 BB226 CC85 Gates Industrial V-Belt  Hi-Power II, Double, AA51 AA68 AA80 AA85 AA105 "Hi-Power II, Double"BB45 BB46 BB51 BB53 BB55 BB60 BB75 BB81 BB85 BB92 BB93 BB94 BB97 BB108 BB112 BB120 BB129 BB136 BB144 BB173 BB195 BB210 BB226 CC85 Hi-Power II Power Band Hi Power 2 Powerband PB 3/B46 3/B50 3/B52 4/B55 2/B60 2/B64 2/B68 4/B68 4/B70 3/B85 5/B90 2/B97 2/B103 2/B105 2/B112 3/B120 3/B124 2/B128 2/B133 2/B144 2/B158 2/C85 3/C85 5/C85 3/C90 5/C90 3/C96 3/C105 2/C109 3/C112 4/C112 5/C195 A118 B113 B125 B156 C118 2/B120 GatesIndustrial Belts Powerated, Power Rated, v-Belt  6717 6718 6719 6720 6721 6722 6723 Gates Powerated v-belt 6724 Gates Powerated v-belt 6725 Gates Powerated v-belt 6726 6727 Gates Powerated v-belt 6728 Gates Powerated v-belt 6729 Gates Powerated v-belt 6730 Gates Powerated v-belt 6731 Gates Powerated v-belt 6732 Gates Powerated v-belt 6733 Gates Powerated v-belt 6734 Gates Powerated v-belt 6735 Gates Powerated v-belt 6736 Gates Powerated v-belt 6737 6738 Gates Powerated v-belt 6739 Gates Powerated v-belt 6740 Gates Powerated v-belt 6741 Gates Powerated v-belt 6742 Gates Powerated v-belt 6743 Gates Powerated v-belt 6744 Gates Powerated v-belt 6745 Gates Powerated v-belt 6746 Gates Powerated v-belt 6749 Gates Powerated v-belt 6758 6760 6761 6762 6817 6818 6819 6820 6821 6822 6823 6824 6825 6826 6827 6828 6829 6830 6831 6832 6833 6834 6835 6836 6837 6838 6839 6840 6841 6842 6843 6844 6845 6846 6847 6848 6849 6850 6851 6852 6853 6854 6855 6856 6857 6858 6859 6860 6861 6862 6863 6864 6865 6866 6867 6868 6869 6870 6871 6872 6873 6874 6875 6876 6877 6878 6879 6880 6881 6882 6883 6884 6885 6886 6887 6888 6889 6890 6891 6892 6893 6894 6895 6896 6897 6898 6899 6923 6924 6925 6926 6927 6928 6929 6930 6931 6932 6933 6934 6935 6936 6937 6938 6939 6940 6941 6942 6943 6944 6945 6946 6947 6948 6949 6950 6951 6952 6953 6954 6955 6956 6957 6958 6959 6960 6961 6962 6963 6964 6965 6966 6967 6968 6969 6970 6971 6972 6973 6974 6975 6976 6977 6978 6979 6980 6981 6982 6983 6984 6985 6986 6987 6988 6989 6991 6992 6993 6995 6996 6997 6998 Gates Industrial Belts ( Tru-Flex, True Flex, Truflex V Belt )0340 1130 1140 1150 1160 1170 1180 1190 1200 1210 1220 1230 1240 1250 1260 1270 1280 1290 1300 1310 1320 1330 1340 1350 1360 1370 1380 1390 1400 1410 1420 1430 1440 1450 1460 1470 1480 1490 1500 1510 1520 1530 1540 1550 1560 1570 1580 1590 2160 2170 2180 2190 2200 2210 2220 2230 2240 2250 2260 2270 2280 2290 2295 2300 2310 2320 2330 2340 2350 2360 2370 2380 2390 2400 2410 2420 2430 2440 2450 2460 2470 2480 2490 2500 2510 2520 2530 2540 2550 2560 2570 2580 2590 2600 2610 2620 2630 2640 2650 2660 2670 2680 2690 2700 2710 2720 2730 2740 2750 2760 2770 2780 2790 3300 3310 3320 3330 3340 3380 3390 3410 3430 3450 3470 3520 3530 3560 3570 3590 3600 3660 0270 1285 3440  Gates Industrial Timing Belt Robotic Powergrip, Power-Grip 100XL025 Powergrip 110XL025 Powergrip 170XL025 Powergrip 200XL025 Powergrip 210XL025 Powergrip 90XL037  Powergrip100XL037 Powergrip 110XL037 Powergrip 120XL037 Powergrip 130XL037Powergrip  140XL037 Powergrip 150XL037 Powergrip 160XL037 Powergrip 170XL037 Powergrip 180XL037 Powergrip 190XL037 Powergrip 200XL037 Powergrip 210XL037 Powergrip 230XL037 Powergrip 260XL037 Powergrip 50XL037 Powergrip 124L050 Powergrip 150L050 Powergrip 187L050 Power grip 210L050 Power grip 225L050 Power grip 240L050 PowerGrip Timing Belt  255L050 Power grip 270L050 Power grip 285L050 Power grip 300L050 Power grip 322L050 Power grip 345L050 Power grip 367L050 Power-grip Timing Belt 390L050 Power-grip Timing Belt 420L050 Power-grip Timing Belt 450L050 Power-grip Timing Belt 480L050 Power-grip Timing Belt 510L050 Power-grip Timing Belt 600L050 Power-grip Timing Belt 315L050 Power-grip Timing Belt 210L075Power-grip Timing Belt  225L075 Power-grip Timing Belt 255L075 Power-grip Timing Belt 270L075 Power-grip Timing Belt 285L075 Power-grip Timing Belt  322L075 345L075 367L075 390L075 450L075 510L075 540L075 900L075 225L100 240L100 270L100 322L100 367L100 390L100 420L100 450L100 480L100 240H075 300H075 330H075 360H075 420H075 450H075 1000H075 240H100 300H100 360H100 390H100 420H100  480H100 540H100 570H100 600H100 630H100 660H100 700H100 750H100 800H100 900H100 1000H100 1250H100 820H100 960H100 240H150 270H150 300H150 360H150 390H150 420H150 450H150 480H150 510H150 540H150 570H150 600H150 630H150 660H150   750H150  1100H150 320H150 360H200 390H200 420H200 450H200 480H200 510H200 540H200 570H200 600H200 660H200 700H200 750H200  900H200  1100H200 400H200 560H200 660H300 700H300 750H300 1000H300 1100H300 1250H300 630XH200 700XH200  770XH200 980XH200 1260XH200 700XH300 TP420H100 TP480H100 TP510H200 187L100 270H100 465H100 1000H650 330H200 1000H150 Gates Industrial Belts ( PolyChain, Poly Chain ) 8MGT-640-12 8MGT-720-12 8MGT-800-12 8MGT-896-12 8MGT-1000-12 Gates Poly Chain 8MGT-1120-12 Gates Poly Chain belt 8MGT-1200-12 8MGT-11224-12 Gates Poly Chain 8MGT-1280-12 Gates Poly Chain 8MGT-1440-12 Gates Poly Chain 8MGT-1600-12 Gates Poly Chain 8MGT-3600-12 Gates Poly Chain 8MGT-4000-12 Gates Poly Chain 8MGT-720-21 Gates Poly Chain 8MGT-800-21 Gates Poly Chain 8MGT-1000-21 Gates Poly Chain 8MGT-1120-21 Gates Poly Chain 8MGT-1200-21 Gates Poly-Chain 8MGT-1440-21 Gates Poly-Chain 8MGT-1600-21 Gates Poly-Chain 8MGT-1792-21 Gates Poly-Chain 8MGT-2520-21 Gates Poly-Chain 8MGT-2840-21 Gates Poly-Chain 8MGT-896-36 8MGT-1000-36 Gates Poly-Chain 14MGT-1120-37 Gates Poly-Chain 14MGT-1260-37 Gates Poly-Chain 14MGT-1400-37 Gates Poly-Chain 14MGT-1750-37 Gates Poly-Chain 14MGT-1960-37 14MGT-2100-37 14MGT-2520-37 Gates Poly-Chain 14MGT-2660-37 Gates Poly-Chain 14MGT-2800-37 Gates Poly-Chain 14MGT-3136-37 Gates Poly-Chain 14MGT-1960-90 Gates Poly-Chain 14MGT-2240-90 14MGT-1750-125 14MGT-1960-125 14MGT-994-20 14MGT-1120-20 14MGT-1260-20 14MGT-1400-20 14MGT-1750-20 14MGT-3136-20 8MGT-896-21 8MGT-720-36 8MGT-1000-62 14MGT-994-37 14MGT-1190-37 14MGT-1120-68 GatesIndustrial Belts(Tri-Power, TriPower, Tri Power Belt)AX26 AX31 Gates TriPower AX32 TriPower AX33 TriPower AX34 TriPower AX35 Gates TriPower AX36 Gates Tri Power AX37 Gates TriPower AX38 Gates Tri-Power AX39 Gates Tri-Power AX42 Gates Tri-Power AX46 Gates Tri-Power AX47 Gates Tri-Power AX48 Gates Tri-Power AX51 AX52 Gates Tri-Power AX53 Gates Tri-Power AX54 Gates Tri-Power AX55 Gates Tri-Power AX56 Gates Tri-Power AX58 AX59 AX60 AX62 AX66 AX71 AX75 AX78 AX96 TriPower BX32 BX34 BX35 BX36 BX38 BX40 BX42 BX44 BX45 BX46 BX48 BX50 BX51 BX52 BX53 BX54 BX55 BX56 BX58 BX59 BX60 BX61 BX62 BX63 BX64 BX65 BX66 BX67 BX68 BX70 BX71 BX72 BX75 BX77 BX79 BX80 BX81 BX85 BX87 BX90 BX92 BX93 BX96 BX97 BX100 BX103 BX105 BX108 BX112 BX120 BX124 BX144 BX225 TriPower CX144 AX44 AX25 AX23 BX124 BX133 AX44 BX49 BX76 BX91 BX95 BX110 AX50 AX68 AX40 BondhusBall Allen WrenchBallDriver10937 10938  10945  10946  10999 20199 10645 Eklind13207  13211  Cush T set 53168  Eklind Cush T Set 53198  Eklind Cush T Set 53910  Eklind Cush T Set 55166  Eklind Cush T Set 55198  Eklind Custom T  Eklind Custom T MM  Eklind Fold 20511  Eklind Folding 20811  Eklind Folding 20812  Eklind Fold 20911  Eklind Fold 20912  Eklind Fold 21151  Eklind Fold 21171  Eklind Fold 22451  Eklind Fold 22461  Eklind Fold 22571  Eklind T  ER-11 Bosch Shank  Brass 360 Hex Precision Brand  Brass, Stainless Shim Stock Rolls, Slot Slotted Kits, Metal BR FL  Metal Cold Round  Metal, AL Flat  Metal, AL Round  Metal, SS Bar  Metal, SS Round  Metal, SS Sq    Brass, Flat  Brass, Round  Brass, Square  Brighton Allen Wrench  Brighton Shoulder Screw, Stripper  Brighton Socket Cap Screw, Alloy  Bronze, Steel, Stainless Allthread Browning Chain  Browning Finished-Bore  Browning Replacement  Browning Taper-Lock  Browning VF2S Bearing  Browning VF3S Bearing  Brute Reamer  Button Head Socket Cap Screws, Alloy   Chain Attachment  B-1 Attachment  B-2  Attachment D-1  S-1  Chain Attachment S-2  CL  CL Multi Cottered CL , Double Pitch , HV , Leaf  Chain, Offset Coupler  Chain, Offset Coupler 2  Chain, Roller CL 2  Chain, Roller Cottered  Chain, Roller Coupler  Chain, Roller Heavy Chain, Roller Multi  Chain, Roller Riveted  Chain, Silent ChampionTools  ROTO BRUTE Rotobrute CT7-1", Rotobrute CT7-1 1/2", Roto Brute Carbide Tip CT-7 CT7-5/8'   CT7-7/8"  CT7 3/4"  CT-7 2"  CT7 1-1/4" Metal Hole Cutting Tool, Champion Cutting Tools, Champion Gun Tap, Champion (XL86-15/16) 15/16 Bridge Reamer  Champion Combo Drill Counter  Champion Counter  Champion CS40P Champion Die  Champion Die Stock Hex  Champion Die Stock Round  Champion Drill Oxide  Champion End Mills  Champion Hand tap  Champion Reamer Bridge Spiral  Champion Straight Pipe tap  Champion T Handle Tap   Champion Tap Handle Ratchet  Champion Taper Length  Champion Taper Pipe tap Lube, Cleaners, SpraysTap Magic Tap MagicGal  WD40 5 Gal  WD40 Bottle  WD-40,  WD40-11  WD40-18  WD40Gal  SprayOn S00201  SprayOn S00700  SprayOn S00711  DATL Winterizer, Scrubs in a Bucket. Permatex   23108   23218  24163  24210  24250   25108   25218   26210   27010   29010   29050  54550   77164   80003   80008   80010   80011   80038   80044   80045   80050   80052   80062   80071  80073   80088  80183   80208   80632   80633   80646  80697   81409   81464   81742, Ultra Blue  RTV Silicone   81860   81913   Belt Dressing   Black Belt 82020   Form-A-Gasket No. 1   Form-A-Gasket No. 2   High Performance Thread Sealant   Pipe Joint   Pipe Joint Compound  Pneumatic/Hydraulic Sealant   Prussian Blue   Thread Sealer 80632   Ultra Copper® RTV Silicone  Plastic Cleaner.  Chesterton  273  Chesterton 3500  Chesterton 706  CRC 03050  CRC 03060  CRC 03065  CRC 14050   Dixon Gauge  GL120 GL125 GL130 GL135 GL140 GC200 GC215 GC220 GC225 GC230 GC235 GL300 GL320 GL330 GL335 GL340 GL345 GL350 GL355 GL375 GLS400 GLS405 GLS410 GLS415 GLS417 GLS420 GLS425 GLS435 GLS445 GLS450 GLS455 GL310 GL110 GL315 GL305 GC610 GC615 GC620 GLSC415 GLSC417 GLSS10000 GC605 Dixon Valve5600 Coupler   Dixon 20B  Dixon 5600 Plug  Dixon A Dust  Dixon AA-AL  Dixon AAA  Dixon AAA-BR  Dixon ABC  Dixon ACC  Dixon Accessories  Dixon ADC  Dixon ADP  Dixon AEA  Dixon AFA  Dixon Air DC  Dixon ARCA  Dixon ARO Quick Connect UDC Female  Dixon ARO Quick Connect UDC Male  Dixon ARO Quick Connect UDC Universal  Dixon ARO Speed Quick-Connect Standard Barb  Hose   Dixon BA 192g  Dixon BA 974  Dixon Ball Valve  Dixon BBC  DIxon BCC  Dixon BCF Coupler Fitting  Dixon BCF Female Coupler Fitting  Dixon BCV  Dixon BDC  Dixon BMS  Dixon BN Hose Nozzle  Dixon BPF  Dixon BR Tube Dixon Bracket GRP 95  Dixon Brass Barbed Male  Dixon Brass Hose Mender  Dixon Breather ASP  Dixon BSF  Dixon CamLock Gasket  Dixon CL Tubing  Dixon Clamp Boss 2 Bolt Dixon Clamp Boss 4 Bolt 2 Finger  Dixon Connector AM10  Dixon Coupling Male BLS  Dixon Coupling MLS  Dixon Couplling RN Stainless  Dixon CS Buckles  Dixon DC Hose  Dixon DC Male  Dixon DC Plug Female Pipe  Dixon DCB Quick Connect F  Dixon DCB Quick Connect M  Dixon DCP Hose  Dixon DCP Male  Dixon DD  Dixon DGH Coupler Fitting  Dixon Double Clamp  Dixon Double Ear Clamp  Dixon Drain Manual  Dixon Ear Clamp  Dixon EBC  Dixon ECC  Dixon EDC  Dixon F1 Tool  Dixon FBB  Dixon FCV  Dixon Female Boss Ground  Dixon Female Hose Barb  Dixon Filter CB6  Dixon Filter Compact F26  Dixon Filter F00  Dixon Filter F16  Dixon Filter F30  Dixon FIlter/Reg B07  Dixon Fire F-NST M-NPT  Dixon Fitting STM   Dixon Flush Face Coupler  Dixon Flush Face Fitting  Dixon Flush Face Plug  Dixon FNB  Dixon FS Clamp  Dixon Garden Hose Double Female  Dixon Gauge Center Back   Dixon Gauge Center Back Liquid Filled    Dixon Gauge Compound  Dixon Gauge GL305  Dixon Gauge Liquid Filled  Dixon Gauge Lower Mount Standard Dry   Dixon GHT x NPTF  Dixon GHV Valve   Dixon Gun Extension  Dixon Gun Tip SST10  Dixon Hose Blank Ends AM0 Dixon Hose Coil-Chief   Dixon Hose Ends AMB  Dixon Hose Ends AMC  Dixon Hose Ends AMH  Dixon Hose Mender  Dixon HRP SSS  Dixon KRW  Dixon KS Clamp  Dixon Lube DATL Gal  Dixon Lube DATL Pint  Dixon Lube L00  Dixon Lube L16  Dixon Lube L26  Dixon Lube L30  Dixon Male GHT x GHT  Dixon Modular End Block 95-320  Dixon Modular Wall Mount 95-969  Dixon Muffler CMF  Dixon NPTM x NPTM  Dixon PSN Hose Nozzle  Dixon RA4F2M  Dixon Regulator R00  Dixon Regulator R16  Dixon Regulator R26  Dixon Regulator R30  Dixon RHS Strainer  Dixon RST  Dixon Safety Blow Gun  Dixon SHS Dixon Sleeve GPA 95-292  Dixon SN Hose Nozzle   Dixon SS Banding  Dixon STC  Dixon STC 1  DIxon Steel Hose Mender  Dixon Suction Coupling King  Dixon TCA  Dixon TSS  Dixon Worm Gear Clamp  Double Expansion Shield  Dowel Pin  Drill 12   Longboy  Drill Bit, Left Hand  Drill Double End Sheeter  Drill Rod W-1  Drill Silver & Deming  Drill Silver & Deming 712  Drill, Split Point  Drill, Twist  External Tooth  Fender Washer  Fire  Flat Washer  Flathead Socket Cap Screws Flexco / Alligator Lacing 190 Solid Plate  Flexco 375x Flexco 90 Template  Flexco Alligator Lacing  Flexco Alligator Lacing 1  Flexco Alligator Lacing 2  Flexco Alligator Riveted  Flexco ARSS1Pins  Flexco Art-7 Tool  Flexco Bolt Breaker  Flexco Bolt Breaker 110  Flexco Bolt Elevator  Flexco Boring Bit Power  Flexco Chuck Quick  Flexco Clipper Hooks  Flexco Clipper Lacing  Flexco Clipper Unibar  Flexco Curved Template   Flexco HW1 Wrench  Flexco HW2 Wrench  Flexco Loc  Flexco Nylon Covered Cable  Flexco P1P Punch Flexco P2P Punch Flexco Power Punch HP1  Flexco Power Punch HP2  Flexco Punch  Flexco Rip Repair  Flexco S1S Wrench Flexco S2S Wrench  Flexco Staple   Flexco Staple ispenser Lacing Flexco Staple RS125  Flexco Staple RS125 NC  Flexco Wrench Power  fsaef45  fsaef4545bt  fsaef4590bt Gates Hose Hoses  319MB  609w 6379 63SB  AdaptaFlex  Barracuda.   Bore to Size  Gates Bushed LD  Gates C14  Gates C14 FJSX  Gates C14 MP    Gates C1T-RFJX  Gates
C1T-RMP  Gates C2AT-RFJX  Gates C2AT-RMP  Gates C5C  Gates C7SNC  Gates FJX  Gates FL  Gates FL45  Gates FL90  Gates Foodmaster  Gates G-FBSPORX Gates G-FBSPORX45  Gates G-FBSPORX90  Gates G-FDLORX  Gates G-FFORX  Gates G-FFORX45  Gates G-FFORX90  Gates G-FJX  Gates G-FJX45  Gates G-FJX90  Gates G-FL gates hydraulic hose  Gates G-FL45  Gates G-FL90  Gates G-FP  Gates G-FPX Gates G-FSX  Gates G-FSX45  Gates G-FSX90  Gates G-MB  Gates G-MBX  Gates G-MBX90  Gates G-MDH  Gates G-MDL  Gates G-MFFOR  Gates G-Mix  Gates G-  Gates G-MJ  Gates G-MP  Gates G-MPX  Gates G-MPX90  Gates G-MS  Gates G2  Gates G25 MegaCrimp  Gates G2H  Gates G5K  Gates H C12  Gates H Type Bushing  Goodyear Pyroflex Gates Industrial v-belt ( Super HC, V,  Notched, Power Band  PB   Belt 
Harper 4014, 4613, 5260  Harper Hand Truck, 8042, 8337 Harper Drum Dolly 8091 Harper Drum Tilting Lever Bar 8818-41 Harper Drum Rack 8900 Harper Drum Rack   WR9061 Harper Wheel N Reel Truck MC12 Harper Aluminum Hand Truck 6161 Harper Warehouse Truck  6610 Harper Appliance Truck WH14 Harper  208, 210, 211 Harper  Gates Hose 18MB  Gates Hose 692SB  Gates Hose Dolphin  Gates Hose DuroFlex  Gates Hose J2AT  Gates Hose LOL Plus  Gates Hose Longhorn  Gates Hose M2T  Gates Hose Maverick  Gates HTD Sprocket  Gates LOC-RFJSX  Gates LOC-RFJX  Gates LOC-RHM  Gates LOC-RMIX  Gates LOC-RMP  Gates LP350  Gates Master Flex 101cl  Gates Master Flex 300 Gates Master Flex 500  Gates MBX45  Gates Micro V  Gates MJ  Gates MP  Gates Mustang  Gates PC1FS Ferrule  Gates C1FS-M3K Gates PCM-FJX90  Gates PCM-FL  Gates PCM-FL90  Gates PCM-FLH30  Gates PCM-FLH90  Gates PCS-FLH   Gates PCS-FLH45  Gates PCS-FLH90  Gates PCTS-FFORX      PCTS-FJSX   PCTS-MP  PlantMaster 19b   PolyChain  PolyFlex  PolyFlex JB PoweRated    PowerClean Blue  PowerGrip 1   Gates PowerGrip GT 2  Gates PowerGrip TP  Gates PowerGrip Twin 9246  Gates Premoflex  Gates QD Sheave  Gates DB  Gates Sani-pure  Gates SteamKing  Gates Steamqueen  Gates Super HC  Gates Super HC Notch PB  Gates Super HC Notched  Gates Super HC PB  Gates SuperVac  Gates Terminator  Gates ThermoAg800  Gates TLB  Gates Tri-Power Notch  Gates Trident  Gates Truck Belt  Gates TruFlex  Gates Tufflex GP  General Gauge  General Hammer, Claw  General Hammer, Sledge  General Mallet 952  General Rule  General Scribe  Generic Bronzoil Bearing  Generic Four Bolt  Generic Pillow Block  Generic Two Bolt  Hacksaw  Hex Sheet Metal Screw  HexNut8  Hollow Wall Anchor  IKO LBB Bearing  Consolidated Bearing  Indusco 2 hand cutter  Indusco Cable 6 x 19  Indusco Cable 7 x 19  Indusco Cable 7 x 7  Indusco Cable 7 x 7 Clear  Indusco Cable 7 x 7 Other  Indusco Chain Grade 30  Indusco Clevis Grab  Indusco Connecting Link  Indusco Hardware Cable Clamp  Indusco Hardware Clevis Slip  Indusco Hardware Cold Shut  Indusco Hardware Eye Bolt  Indusco Hardware Eye Grab  InduscoHardware Eye Slip  Indusco Hardware Hour Glass  Indusco Hardware Machine Eye Bolt  Indusco Hardware Quick Link  Indusco Hardware Shoulder Eye Bolt  Indusco Hardware Stop  Indusco Hardware TurnBuckle  Indusco Thimble  Internal Tooth  Kit Clevis Pins 13965  Kit Cotter Pins 12905  Kit E-Clips 12910  Kit Hitch Pin Clips 12915  Kit Housing Rings 12920  Kit Metric Set screws 12975  Kit Metric Socket Head Cap Screws 12980  Kit Roll Pins 12925  Kit Set Screws 12950  Kit Snap Rings 12900  Kit Socket Head Cap Screws 12970  Kit Woodruff Keys 12940 Knipex Alligator  Knipex Cable  Knipex Cobra KR Johnson LV1501 6100 6145  6190  6405 6408 6500 6502 6505 6506 6600 6602 6801 1802 1404 1405 1501 1502 1503 1504 2403 2404 2405 2408 2501  2503 2601 2603 2605 MJ MP MJ    2650 2700LN  2706  304C 5000 5404 5406 5406C 5406H 5406S 5502 5503 5504 5605 5652 6400 6401 6900 6901 LoveJoy FB Flanges Coupling Coupler Jaw Type Lovejoy Drive coupling L035 L050 L070 L075 L090 L099 Spider Flange Buna-N Bronze  Bronze 3JE FB Flange 36384 Jaw -Flex LoveJoy Coupling 3JE 4JE 5JE  6JE  7JE  8JE 10JE 3JES 4JES 5JES 6JES 7JES 8JES 9JES 6JN 4E 6E 7E 8E 9E 10E 11E 12E 14E 5N  6N  7N  8N 10N  6H   7H  8H 10H 7HS  9HS 5J X 1/2  5J X 5/8  5J X 3/4  6B-JA 5J X 7/8 5J X 15/16 5J X 1 5J X 1-1/16 5J X 1-1/8  6J X 5/8  6J X 3/4  6J X 7/8 6J X 15/16  6J X 1  6J X 1-1/8  6J X 1-3/16  6J X 1-1/4  6J X 1-3/8 6J X 1-1/2 6J X 1-5/8  7J X 7/8 7J X 15/16  7J X 1 7J X 1-1/8 7J X 1-3/16 7J X 1-1/4 7J X 1-3/8 7J X 1-7/16 7J X 1-1/2 7J X 1-5/8 7J X 1-7/8  8J X 7/8 8J X 15/16 8J X 1 8J X 1-1/8 8J X 1-3/16 8J X 1-1/4 8J X 1-3/8 8J X 1-7/16 8J X 1-1/2 8J X 1-5/8 8J X 1-11/16 8J X 1-3/4 8J X 1-7/8 9J X 1-1/8 9J X 1-1/4 9J X 1-3/8 9J X 1-1/2 9J X 1-5/8 9J X 1-7/8 9J X 2-1/8 10J X 1-1/8 10J X 1-1/4 10J X 1-3/8 10J X 1-7/16 10J X 1-1/2 10J X 1-5/8 10J X 1-11/16 10J X 1-7/8 10J X 1-15/16 10J X 2 10J X 2-3/16 10J X 2-1/4 10J X 2-3/8 10J X 2-7/8 12J X 2-1/8 3J x 3/8 3J x 1/2 3J x 5/8 3J x 3/4 3J x 7/8 4J x 1/2 4J x 5/8 4J x 3/4 4J x 7/8 4J x 15/16  4J x 1 ,  L035 Buna-N  L050 Buna-N  L110 Buna-N  L150 Buna-N  L190 Buna-N ,  L099 x 1-13/16 ,  L100 x 1-3/16 ,  L110 x 1-3/16 ,  L150 x 1-3/16 ,  L150 x 1-11/16 ,  L190 x 1-3/8 L190 x 1-15/16 5E 3JE 7B-JA 8B-SH  9B-SD 10B-SK 11B-SF 12B-E 14B-F 5SC35  6SC35   7SC35  5SCH X 7/8 5SCH X 1  5SCH X  1-1/8  6SCH X  5/8   6SCH X  3/4  6SCH X 7/8  6SCH X1  6SCH X1-1/8 6SCH X 1-3/8 7SCH X 7/8 7SCH X1 7SCH X 1-1/8 7SCH X 1-3/8 7SCH X  1-5/8  35BB19 Idler Sprocket  40BB18 Idler Sprocket  41BB18 Idler Sprocket  50BB17 Idler Sprocket  60BB15 80BB12  100BB11  A3 V Belt Idler Pulley B5 V Belt Idler Pulley  B7 V Belt Idler Pulley CB4 Flat Ider Pulley PT11 Tensioner SE11 Tensioner  SE15 Tensioner  SE18   SE27  SE38   SC250 Shaft Coupling  SC312  SC375   SC500  SC625   SC750   SC875  SC1000   SC1125   SC1250  D6B Universal Joint  D8B  D10B  4JSC35 X 7/8  4JSC35 X 5/8  4JSC35 X 1  4JSC35 X 1-1/8 SW150 Snap Wrap W/Ring  C276 Cushion  Lag Expansion Shield  Loctite 81246  Lovejoy Center B  Lovejoy Center BN  Lovejoy Center H  Lovejoy Chain FB  Lovejoy Coupling S-Flex  Lovejoy Jaw Coupling LoveJoy S-Flex Spacer  Lutz Knife  Mandrel   McGill 22200 Bearing  McGill CCF  McGill CF  McGill CFE  McGill CFH  McGill VCF  Metal BR FL  Metal Cold Round  Metal, AL Flat  Metal, AL Round  Metal, SS Bar  Metal, SS Round  Metal, SS Sq  MFFHNut  MFFHNutfine Acorn Cap 03785 CarriageFlat Brass Hex Cap  Hex Cap Fine Jam Nut 09225 Lag  Lag Expan Lock Nylon 03646  Machine Screw Slotted Round Head  Nut Coarse Grade 2 Round Head Brass Self Drilling Hex SS Hex Cap Screw  Stove Flat 01491 Stove Round 01375  Washer Split Lock  Washer Stainless  Morse 20WD Gear  Morse Gear GCDB 56C  Morse Gear GCT 56C  Morse RWB Gear  Morse W B Gear  Morse W T Gear  MWCar  MWHex  MWHex Nut SS  MWHex8  NICE 1600 Bearing  NICE 3000 Bearing  NICE 5000 Bearing  Nice 5000 Series  NICE 7500 Bearing  NICE 7600 Bearing  Nice Bearing 600 Series  O-Ring  O-Ring EPDM  O-Ring Viton  P79A  P79B  P79D  P79E  P79F  P79G  Pacific Bearing FL  Pacific Bearing PB  Pacific Bearing PS  Pacific Bearing PSF  Pacific Bearing RS  Pacific Bearing SFP, Plastic E-Z Ancor  PowerHacksaw Precision Brand Kit Grease Fittings 12945  Precision Brand Kit Grease Fittings Metric 13975  Precision Brand Kit O Ring 12930  Precision Brand Layout Red  Precision Brand Layout Remover Proto Tools   J4980   220G  240G  241G  303s Snip  322 Snips  351  403 Clamp  7-Piece Roll Pin Punch Set 49007  751G  Belt 95030  Belt 95162  Belt 95237  Chisel Cape   Chisel Cold   Chisel Diamond   Proto Crowfoot 4932  4900-9  Proto Drag Link 5244  Proto Driver 7099  Proto Extension Impact  Proto Feeler 000AA  000P  00SL  000TL   349  1312   1312  5050  4900A   7121   J4980 - 13- J4983  J4984 - J4986 -  2375  2373  2120  2126   48116   5649   7099A   61904  61929   4700  4700 5854  2590   2588  5020  5496   6006  350C  718   724   708L   8100 1194  1193  3800  1200H Recoil Extraction Tool  Recoil P401 Kit  Recoil P450 Kit  Recoil P500 Drill out  Recoil Repair Kit  Recoil Stud Saver  Recoil Thread Inserts   Scrubs in a Bucket  Sealmaster Bearings ( pillow block, 3 bolt flange, 4 bolt, inserts ) NP-8 NP8 Sealmaster bearing Pillow Block NP-10 NP10 NP-12 NP12 NP-13 NP13 NP-14 NP14 NP-15 NP15 NP-16 NP16 NP-17 NP17 NP-18 NP18 NP-19 NP19 NP-20R  NP20R NP-20 NP20 NP-22 NP22 NP-23 NP23 NP-24 NP24 NP-25 NP25 NP-26 NP26 NP-27 NP27 NP-28 NP-30 NP-31 NP-32R NP-32 NP-35 NP-39 NPL-8 NPL-12 NPL-16 NPL-18 NPL-19 NPL-20 NPL-22 NPL-23 NPD-23 NPD-31 NPD-39 TB-16T TB-18 SP-14 SP-16 SP-19 SP-20 SP-22 SP-23 SP-24 SP-27 SP-31 SP-32 SP-34 SP-35 SP-39 SP-40 SP-47 SPM-27 SPM31 SPM 35 SPD 31 SPD 35 SPD 39 SPD 47 SRP-10 SRP-12 SRP-14 SRP-16 SRP-19 MP-16 MP16 MP-19 MP19 MP-20 MP20 MP-23 MP23 MP-24 MP24 MP-27  MP27 MP-28 MP28 MP-31 MP-32 MP-35 MP-36 MP-39 MP-40 MP-43 MP-47 MP-48 MP-51 MP-55 MP-63 MSPD-31 MFP-31 RPB-103-C2 RPB-104-C2 RPB-106-C2 RPB-107-C2 RPB-111-C2 RPB-115-C2 RPB-200-C2 RPB-203-C2 RPB-207-C2 RPB-208-C2 RPB-211-C2 RPB-215-C2 RPB-300-C2 UCP 202-10   UCP 204-12  UCP 205-14 UCP 205-15 UCP 205-16 UCP 206-18 UCP 206-19 UCP
206-20 UCP 207-20 UCP 207-23 UCP 208-24 UCP 209-27 UCP 209-28 UCP 211-32 3-27 NP-12T  NP-19T L-14 SSP-16 VP-18 VP-19 VP-22 VP-24  VP-28  VP-31 VP-35 1/2 Bronzoil Bearing 5/8 Bronzoil Bearing 3/4 Bronzoil Bearing 7/8 Bronzoil Bearing 1 Bronzoil Bearing Seal Master Cart  Seal Master Double Lock Seal Master ER  Seal Master ERT  Seal Master FB  Seal Master Four Bolt  Seal Master Insert  Seal Master MD Insert  Seal Master MFC  Seal Master MP  Seal Master MPF  Seal Master MSC  Seal Master MSF  Seal Master MSFT  Seal Master MSPD  Seal Master MST  Seal Master NP   r NPD   Seal Master NPL  Seal Master Pillow Block   TB  Seal Master RCI  Seal Master RFB  Seal Master Rod End CFF  Seal Master Rod End CFM  Seal Master Rod End TR   Seal Master Rod End TRE  Seal Master RPB  Seal Master SC  Seal Master SCHB  Seal Master SEHB  Seal Master SFC  Seal Master Skwezloc Seal Master SL  Seal Master SRC  Seal Master SRC   SealMaster SRF  SealMaster SRP  SealMaster Stamped  SealMaster Take Up Unit  Takeup  Seal Master Three Bolt  Seal Master Two Bolt  Seal Master VF2 Bearing  Seal Master VF4 Bearing  Seal Master VPS Bearing  r MPD   SFT  SealMaster SPD  SealMaster SSF St Joseph, Maryville Wathena KS 66090, Troy Kansas, Highland KS, Hiawatha KS, Severance KS, Denton KS, Elwood KS, Atchison KS, Rushville MO, Weston MO, Kansas City MO. Kansas City KS, Leavenworth KS, Platte City MO, Camdon Point, Dearborn, Faucett MO, Gower MO, Easton MO, Stewartsville MO, Cameron MO, Clarksdale MO, Amazonia Mo, Savannah MO Fillmore, Cosby, Osborn, Union Star, Maysville, Maryville, Rosendale, Bolckow, Rea, King City, Mound City, Skidmore Maitland, Ravenwood, Conception Junction, Clarinda IA, Hamburg IA, Nebraska City NE, White Cloud KS, Forest City MO, Sabetha KS, Tarkio MO, ROck Port MO, Omaha NE, Council Bluffs, Hamilton MO, Chillicothe MO, Plattonsburg, Bethany, Trenton, Carrolton MO.
Jamieson Machine & Industrial Supply Co. Line Card Abrasive Products: (Sia) Belts: (Continued) Drills: (Continued) Square Nuts Lacing: Dry Lub & Surface Lub. Econo Roll PoweRated V-Belts Drill Sets Stainless Flat Washers Flexco, Alligator, Clipper Food Processing Lub. Emery Cloth 3V, 5V, 8V Super HC Fractional Drills Stainless Hex Cap Lathe Bits Moisture Displacer Belts & Discs Timing Belts Heavy Duty Drills Fasteners: (Continued) Music Wire: Motor and Parts Cleaner Depressed Center Wheels Tri-Power V-Belts Left Hand Drills Stainless Hex Nuts Steel, Stainless Penetrating Oil, Silicone Grinding Wheels Truflex V-Belts Letter Drills Stainless Lock Washers O-Rings: Pin & Bushing Lub. Masonry Wheels Vulco-link Belting Longboy Drills Stainless Threaded Rod Individual Spring Steel Metal Cutoff Blades Brass: Machinery Drills Steel Pins Kits Sprockets: Air Fittings / Accessories: (Dixon) Flat, Hex, Round, Sq. Masonry Drills Taper Pins Material A-B-FB-QD-TB Ball Valves Bronze: Number Drills TEK Screws Packing: #25-#160 Safety Blow Guns S.F. Round, Oilite Sheeter Drills Threaded Rod (3', 6', 12') Graphite Poly Chain Coil (Self Storing) Hose Cable: Drill Rod Thumb Screws Teflon Stamps: Filters Clamps, Thimbles Fractional, Metric Toggle Bolts Tools Letter & Number Flow Control Valves Galvanized End Mills: Turnbuckles Permatex/Loctite Steel: Gauges Plastic Coated Single End Wing Nuts Pulleys/Sheaves: Cold Rolled Lubricators Stainless Double End Woodruff Keys A & B Steel Pulleys Flat, Hex, Round, Sq. Mufflers Cast Iron: Center Cutting Files: A & B Two Groove Stainless, Flat and Round Needle Valves Round 2 & 4 Flute Round, Flat, Cap Screw Garden Hose: Spring Loaded Pulleys hydraulic hose repair St joseph  Bottom Taps Speed Control Mufflers Brass Brass Flat Washers Brass Hose Nipples Step Pulleys Gun Taps Universal QA Couplings Ny-Glass Brass Machine Screw Garden  Custom hydraulic hose made, crimped couplingHose Adapors Super HC (2-6 groove) High Speed Taps Allen (Hex) Wrenches: Stainless Brass Nuts Garden Hose Fittings Ring Gaskets Metric Taps Ball End Chain: (Morse) Cap Nuts Adj. & Spray Nozzels Saw Blades: Pipe Taps Long & Short Arm Series Chain Tools Carriage Bolts Gasket Material: Band Saw Blades Plug Taps Socket Drive Type Double Pitch Roller Castle Nuts Diaphragm Band Saw Material Pulley Taps *All in Sets or Open Stock Double Strand Roller Cotter Pins Gum Rubber Fit-al Blades Taper Taps Aluminum: Heavy Series Roller Dowel Pins Neoprene Hack Saw BLades Tap & Die: Flat, Hex, Round, Square Leaf Chain Elevator Bolts Paper Hole Saws Handles Babbitt: Log Chain Expansion Shields Red Rubber Jig Saw Blades Sets Babbit Putty Quadruple Strand External Lock Washers Gauges Portable Bandsaw Blade Taper Pin Reamers Banding: Riveted Chain (#25-#160) Eye Bolts Gear Reducers Power Hacksaw Blade Tools: (Stanley-Proto) Banding, Buckles, Tools Stainless Roller Chain Fillister Head Machine Grease Fittings Set Collars Full Line Hand Tools Barrel Dollies Triple Strand Roller Chain Flat Head Socket Cap Hooks: Shim Stock: Tool Boxes Bearings: (Sealmaster & others) Connector & Offset Links Flat Washers Clevis Grab Brass, Stainless, Steel Tool Chests Babbitt Bearings Clamps: Gib Keys Clevis Slip Shim Kits Tool Steel Ball Bearings 2 &4 Bolt Heavy Hex Nuts Eye Grab Snap Rings: Valves: Locknuts & Lockwashers Worm Screw Hex Cap Screws Eye Slip E Clip Ball Valves Cartridge Units Band-It Hex Nuts Cold Shuts External & Internal Flow Control Valves Flange (2, 3, & 4 Bolt) Cleaner: Internal Lock Washers Connector Links Spiral Roll Pins WD - 40: Hanger Bearings Fast Orange Jam Nuts Quick Links Spray Goods: 12 oz. Spray Inserts Scrubs In A Bucket Lag Bolts S-Links Belt Dressing, 18 oz. Spray Pillow Block Bearings Couplings: Left Hand Hex Nuts Hose: (Gates) Cutting Oil 1 & 5 Gallon Cans Roller Bearings Chain Couplings Lock Washers Air Drill, Air Vent Rubber Mounted Jaw Couplings Machine Screws Chemical Hose Sphereco Rod Ends Shaft Couplings Metric Scocket Cap Food Grade Hose Jamieson Machine & Industrial Supply Co Stamped Steel Bearings Sure-Flex Couplings Metric Socket Set Hot Asphalt Hose 216 North 2nd (Counter Sales) Take-Up Units Dies: Nylon Lock Nuts Petroleum Transfer 215 North 2nd (Office) Belts: (Gates) Hex & Round Plow Bolts Steam Hose St. Joseph, MO. 64501 Double V-Belts Drills: Rod Coupling Nuts Vinyl Hose 816-279-7472 800-798-7948 Fax 816-279-7872 A, B, C, & D V-Belts Aircraft Extension Socket Cap Screws Water Discharge Multi-Speed V-Belts Cobalt Socket Set Screws Water Suction NU-T-Link Drill & Countersink Socket Shoulder Screw Hydraulic: (Gates) ( Web / IT/ Sales) Rick Polychain Belts Countersinks Square Head Set Screw Adaptors, Fittings, Hose PowerBand V-Belts Drill Indexes Square Head Machine Custom Made HosesTowns served Wathena KS 66090, Troy Kansas, Highland KS, Hiawatha KS, Severance KS, Denton KS, Elwood KS, Atchison KS, Rushville MO, Weston MO, Kansas City MO. 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